In order to give you an understanding of the web development process, in this article we will discuss the basics of the back-end & front-end web development. Both play an important role in the web development process and belong to the daily activities of GetSource.

Front-end web development

The front-end web development is what the visitors of pages and applications, on the web, see. Another word for front-end web development is client-side development. A front-end web developer is involved in the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for pages and applications. This enables the developer to present and let the user interact, such as clicking on a bottom, images and menus.
We can make a distinction between ´web design´, which is a task of designers who design the layout of a page or application, by the practice of Photoshop and fireworks. The developer’s code, by performing this practice they produce, for example, HTML and JavaScript. They ensure the interaction between the user and paged and applications. GetSource is involved in the coding part.
Without the development of the back-end of pages and applications, the front-end cannot run. In order to do so, the back-end needs to be developed. In the process of web development, the front-end development of pages and application comes before the back-end development.

Back-end web development

Back-end web development is a process that users don´t see or directly interact with. It´s a background process, enabling smooth functionalities, combining, and transforming information from the database right into the browser, the users request such information. Everything what is visual is enabled by back-end coding, which occur on, and is mechanized by a server. Back-end consists of three parts: the application, the database and the server.
The server creates the database and the information requested by the users through pages and applications is stored in the database. The back-end developer creates these technologies; they code different languages, such as, PHP, Ruby and Perl. Frameworks, server-side software, consists of scripts and language and make the structure of a site. Compare frameworks with libraries; they consist of the languages, which makes the development faster and easier.
GetSource works with WordPress, which is an open-source framework, build on PHP, front-end and back-end both work together in this framework. Users can customize WordPress by using CSS, JavaScript and JQuery.

We hope this article gave you the basic understanding of the terms back-end and front-end web development. The lines between front-end and back-end development seem a bit fuzzy, and partly that is true, both developments need each other to perform. However, how these processes perform is very different. Both use their own languages, codes, and both have different performing purposes. Front-end focuses mainly on the interaction between the user and pages and applications and back-end focuses mainly on the relationship between the requested information and the server.

Team GetSource